A Short Introductory Post from the Purple Site Owner

Hello my readers,

I am Sajani Sufian. I am from Bangladesh, currently living in New York City. I am a full-time college student majoring in Communications Technology. Before I start to fully develop my website, I thought I’d write a few things about myself.

As you can probably already tell by the color of my site, my favorite color is purple. Deep, and light purple. My favorite flower is the rose. My hobby is writing. I write my heart out. Writing from the heart is my favorite writing style. Now you must be curious to know who’s my favorite writer? My favorite writer is Humayun Ahmed. He was and still is (I think will always be) the most popular and genuinely loved writer in my country. He wrote books, made movies, wrote songs. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2012.

I am a “pure desi” girl haha. I feel fortunate to be born a Bengali. I love my country from the bottom of my heart. I visit there every year. I love my culture. A large part of each culture is language, food, clothing, religion, family values/beliefs, etc. (name more in the comments!) I fluently speak Bengali as I was born and raised in Bangladesh. I love wearing sarees, salwar kameezes. I love our food habits. Our national fish is called Hilsha fish. It’s my favorite fish! We are known as “machhe-bhaate Bangali” (মাছে-ভাতে বাঙালি)! It means we love eating rice & fish haha.

I cannot stop writing about my culture, my country. I promise to come back with more informative posts on how my culture has made me who I am. Stay connected to http://sajanisufian.com.


November 26, 2021



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  1. Excellent work!
    Love the purple site! Keep going!
    Perhaps add an image to this post? Or a GIF? or a Meme!
    Thank you!

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